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When should we teach children to read

    When should we teach children to read

    Why you should start to teach children to read

    When should we teach children to read is probably the concern of every parent. All parents should start teaching their children to read from 3 months and 3 years of age. The earlier you teach your child to read the quicker the child can learn to read. Children develop a visual pathway from 3 months old, this is why starting to teach them to read is highly recommended.

    At this age, children can focus clearly on the words they are presented with, this is also when they are very active. Children learn quickly from a younger age than when they are 4 years old, at this age they can still learn, but they learn faster from 3 months of age.

    There are many methods you can use to teach your child to read, Reading Head Start can help with all the required methods. From 3 months children can learn with flashcards, by the time they turn 5 years old they learn to read with phonics-based systems.

    Learning to read as a baby is much faster than when they are older, this is the time the child’s brain is developing and can learn to read efficiently at this age.

    When should we teach children to read

    Start today as a parent

    As a parent, teaching your child at a younger age is important and vital, at infancy they begin to learn the language either written, sign, or spoken.

    You can consider this as part of homeschooling for your child, remember that reading is very important skills a parent can teach their child. When the child starts school knowing only the alphabet may end up struggling to read from any other materials provided by the school. Every child is born with some type or form of intelligence, and at a younger age, they want to know everything, explore everything, and eager to learn everything. This is why children tend to pick up every spoken word they hear easily.

    The easiest way to teach a child to read is to make it fun, not compulsory, but like a game, you play always with them.

    There are experts in this field, Reading Head Start. They are qualified, certified, and approved to help guide you on how to teach your child to read and write. They have all the materials you will need to get your child to start reading. Give them a try and see for yourself how quickly your child learns to read and write.

    Reading Head Start makes reading fun and playful for children, teaching children to read a very young age will give an advantage over other children.