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Double Pushchairs For Newborn And Toddler With Car Seat

    Double Pushchairs For Newborn And Toddler With Car Seat

    Buying the right double pushchairs for newborn and toddler with car seats can be a little hassle especially if you don’t know where to find the right one. One of the reasons to get a double buggy is for safe traveling of two siblings of different ages or twins.  

    What is the best double buggy for a toddler and a newborn?

    My best recommendation for the best double pushchairs for newborn and toddler is Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller. This is because the pushchair is versatile, adjustable, lightweight and car seat compatible. But before we continue, let’s look at a few guides why you should buy the best pushchair. 

    Another baby and toddler pushchair I think may soothe your needs is the Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller | 27 Riding Options for 2 Kids, Basin. Comes with similar features but lest expensive.

    It shouldn’t be a huge or difficult task to transport your young ones especially when its a toddler and a baby, The first thing that always comes to mind is that their needs vary. This is why contour options have designed just the right pushchair for this task.

    How to choose the right toddler and baby pushchair

    Here are a few points you should always have in mind.

    • You should have a lie-flat carrycot together with a seat unit that can independently recline.
    • While your toddler will prefer to seat, your newborn should lie flat. 
    • Remember, while seating will be the toddlers’ desire, soon the call to sleep kicks in, your toddler should be able to lie also without disturbing the baby.
    • One of the reasons you should get a double lightweight buggy is, the combined weight of the toddler and baby can make it hard to push. 
    • Easy to lift double pram on the steps and curbs is important also as this can put strains on you. Think of a weightless pushchair when you are buying one.
    • All pram comes with either age restriction or age requirements, you should also have this in mind as this can affect the weight and smooth movement of the pushchair. My kids were years apart, so I dint get to carry both of them or buy a double pushchair, but I see what other parents go through in handling a pushchair with older toddlers.
    • A pushchair with up to 25kg as the total weight will take in each seat 12.5kg. In most circumstances, the may take a baby less than 12.5 and a toddler that is more than 12.5. Always read the manual to find out more, and don’t just take our word for it.
    • The importance of measuring the width and length of the buggy you want to buy is that it may not fit through your doors, the hallways, trunk, etc. Storage is also an important factor to have in mind, this is because it is always a common issue where buyers end up returning the purchased pram.
    • Make sure to get a buggy that is either a lie-flat carrycot or a completely lie-flat seat because of the newborn. 

    Top double pushchair for baby and toddler 

    Here are our top double pushchairs for baby and toddler for complete comfort. 

    Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller

    1. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller

    The best features of the Contours options elite are that it has a 7 seating option making it versatile, an ideal buddy for baby and toddler. The seat is reversible, you can either reverse it to face either forward or backward, or face to face option or back to back option with an easy lift-assist mounts. Easy to apply breaks, step back to lock, step forward to unlock. Springs at the back tires for a smooth ride. Higher frame locks which are good if you have back pain and avoid bending over to unlatch frames.

    Another advantage is that with both seats securely fitted, you can fold the pushchair and auto-lock it. As I mentioned earlier about weight, each of the seats can take up to the 40 pounds weight (about 18.1kg), and it is made from lightweight aluminum making it a lightweight pushchair. It can fit two car seats, but you will need to buy a separate click in adapters and universal car seat adapter which you can easily buy from Contour.

    Take home points

    • Comes with a dynamic front and rear wheel suspension, 
    • Easy to apply beaks pedals
    • Rubber rubber-coated rear wheels that can be easily disconnected.
    • Easy recliner for baby comfort
    • In-seat pockets
    • Safety harness and adjustable footrests
    • Extra-large storage basket
    • A cup holder for parents 

    Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Double Pushchair

    2. Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Double Pushchair

    Here is another ideal double pushchair for newborn and toddler, the Graco Double Pushchair. The back seat is suitable for newborn to 3yrs old (0-15Kg), while the front seat is suitable for toddlers from 6 months old to about 3 years (15Kg) or either way also.

    It has a 4 setting reclining positions for the back seat, while the front seat has 2 settings reclining position. Easy to fold and a removable front and rear tray. The good thing is that it is compatible with the car seat, the Graco infant seat (SnugRide/SnugEssentials i-size infant car seats).

    This is not a small pushchair, you may have problem fitting it in a public bus especially on a full or packed bus, and can take up space. But if you are a car owner or not going on a bus, then this is the ideal double pushchair for your newborn.

    If you have newborn twins, this is not the pushchair for you unless you want to use the car seat, the front seat doesn’t recline. The pushchair is 45cm wide and doesn’t come with a rain cover, but you can easily get one off amazon.

    Take home points:

    • A large shopping basket
    • 45cm wide pushchair
    • Fits easily in the car(not for smaller cars) and around shops
    • It is a long pram, it needs getting used to
    • It doesn’t fold easily, you just have to master it
    • Handy cup trays
    • The front seat will not recline flat, in case the toddler falls asleep
    • It is very sturdy and easy to push around

    Kids Kargo Duellette BS Tandem Double Twin Pushchair

    3. Kids Kargo Duellette BS Tandem Double Twin Pushchair

    This pushchair is suitable for newborn and toddler, but should be used with a with kids kargo safety pod car seat, and can be used from 6 months (15kg). The buggy is beautifully designed and easy to handle, with a small front wheel making it easily turns. It is lightweight and can fit a toddler up to 4 years. Good, it has free rain covers and adjustable handles and comes in different colors.

    Take home points

    • Fits into car boots
    • Multi-position settings
    • Front wheels can be locked
    • Made very comfy with bouncy suspension
    • Large shopping basket
    • Very easy fold
    • The option of facing front or backward for both seats
    • Comes with rain cover
    • Can be turned into a single buggy

    Duel combo Double Pushchair With Carrycot Pram Newborn & Toddler

    4. Duel combo Double Pushchair With Carrycot Pram Newborn & Toddler

    This smooth moving baby and toddler pram has some interesting features, like a lightweight stroller with 2 smaller front wheels. To use it for a newborn you will need one of the recommended car seats suitable from birth, (Kidz Kargo Safety pod car seat, Britax babysafe

    It can take 1 car seat, with the choice of facing forward or backward. The recliner for a baby seat can lie-flat so baby don’t need to seat. 

    Take home points 

    • Free raincovers
    • Lockable front swivel wheels
    • The length is 92cm length and width is 65.5cm width
    • Adjustable handle height
    • Large shopping basket
    • Easy fold pushchair

    Joie Evalite Duo Twin Stroller

    5. Joie Evalite Duo Twin Stroller

    Another Joie lightweight baby and toddler pushchair with self-locking and auto-folding mechanism. The back baby seat freely reclines flat, but the front toddler seat only has 2 reclining positions and does not lie flat. You may need a compatible car seat for a newborn depending on weight.

    The buggy is really simple and folds easily, the design itself is straight without complications. 

    Take home point

    • Easy to fold
    • Smooth riding pram
    • Use footmuffs like Britax 
    • Not ideal as a single pram
    • The max weight for the front is 15kg
    • It is compact and lightweight
    • Large shopping basket
    Hauck Duett 2 Tandem Double Pushchair

    6. Hauck Duett 2 Tandem Double Pushchair

    This Hauck Duett multifunctional pushchair for toddler and baby. The removable lower back seat is for toddlers from 6 months old, while the front upper seat can be converted into carrycot (from birth). You will need an extra car seat to use from birth, Hauck Comfort Fix infant car seat using Duett 2 Adaptors that can go on the upper seat. 

    This pushchair is lightweight allowing easy maneuvering even with a weight of 15kg. The seats can be adjusted to both directions or lying position.

    Take home points

    • Comes with two rain covers
    • Adjustable handle 
    • Easy to folds
    • Large shopping basket
    • Usable right from birth
    • Cosy carrycot
    • Reversible seat unit
    • Used as a single or double stroller
    • Backrest adjustable to lying position

    Hauck Freerider 3 Wheel Sibling Pushchair

    7. Hauck Freerider 3 Wheel Sibling Pushchair

    The is the Hauck Freerider 3, a multifunctional three-wheel pushchair. The upper seat of the pram can be used from birth in a recumbency position, and also can be used as a separate 2-in-1 Carrycot. Some of the best features of this pushchair are the large wheel that makes the buggy move smoothly on both flat and rough grounds. The front seat can lie flat to accommodate newborns.

    To use a car seat with the pushchair, you will need a separate car seat from Hauck Zero Plus infant car seat. With this car seat, you don’t need extra adaptors as other prams do. The tandem stroller is very comfy if used with the required car seat and right weight which is 15kg. The footrest is adjustable, and the handle can also be adjusted to the required height.

    Take home points

    • Lightweight 
    • Removable backseat
    • Large canopy 
    • It big and heavy
    • Sticky front brakes 
    • Small shopping basket with toddler popping inside
    • The flat front seat can affect seating position for back seat
    • Two rain covers

    Costway Foldable Double Baby Pram

    8. Costway Foldable Double Baby Pram

    The Costway foldable baby pram is another best double pushchair for baby and toddler, it can fit-in two babies together with two front and back seat. The back seat is for newborn babies from 6 – 36 months old, while the front seat is for toddlers, it has a weight of 15kg in each seat.

    It has an adjustable push handle, backrest, and footrest. The overall concept of this pushchair is to provide maximum comfort for the parents and children and an easy walk around. 

    Both the safety brakes and safety belts are designed for optimal security and comfort. If you are looking for a stroller that lasts a long time, then this buggy is ideal because of the solid and stable steel it is made from, and also non-toxic and breathable fabric. It is very easy to fold, easy to carry, and easy to fit in most spaces. 

    Take home points

    • Strong and think foldable sunshade
    • Large shopping basket
    • Complete foldable pram
    • Flexible and easy to fold
    • Both adjustable backrest and footrest
    • The front-wheel is shockproof

    iSafe Me & You Inline Tandem Travel System

    9. iSafe Me & You Inline Tandem Travel System

    The iSafe tandem stroller is another good quality pushchair we recommend to anyone looking for double pushchairs. It is lightweight and ideal for your infant child and toddler. It easily folds without the hassle and moving around is also as easy as it can get. 

    If you use a carrycot at the upper seat, the lower seat will not be able to face outwards, otherwise, both seats can be in seat mode if the carrycots are front-facing. They do come with seat adapters, not for the car seat, you can use either the iSafe 0+ Car seats or Maxi Cosi Cabrio or Pebble Car Seats.

    The easy way to fit the rain cover is on seat mode. Both the carrycot recline. 

    Take home points

    • Comes with rain cover
    • Small shopping basket
    • Easy to maneuver and fold (without seats)
    • To use a car seat, separate adaptors are needed

    Double Pushchairs For Newborn And Toddler With Car Seat

    10. Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller

    This baby trend pushchair is best of its kind, what most prams cant do, this Baby trend pushchair does. The stroller has options for front, rear seating, and rear standing. This pushchair can take 3 children. It so easy it requires only a hand to fold, the shopping basket is also large. It has trays with a cup holder for the front seat, rear tray, and parents’ tray. 

    This pushchair can accommodate two car seats comfortably that are sold separately, and the recommended one is the Baby Trend Ally 35 Infant Car Seat.

    The front seat has a removable 2 panels, and are fully ratcheting canopy. The rear seat also has a fixed canopy to block the sun with visors. 

    Take home point

    • Easy one-hand fold
    • Extra-large shopping basket
    • Trays for two cup holders
    • Parent tray with 2-cup holders
    • Removable rear seat 
    • Foot activated rear brake
    • Both seats recline, but the rear seat reclines more

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