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What Is A Good First Pet For A Child?

    What Is A Good First Pet For A Child

    Top 10 best first pet for a child

    Children and families are increasingly in demand for pets as owning a pet can be really exciting and rewarding. As well as rewarding, having a pet for a child can also be lifestyle changing because of the experience that comes with owning a pet at home. We will be covering some of the best kids friendly pets and showing you which is a good first pet for a child.

    The top of the menu good first pet for a child is a Dog, this is because dogs are friendly with children and adults alike and it is one of the most popular pets among families. Other first pets for a child are cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, hamsters, fish, and many more which will be discussed below.

    Best first pets for a chil

    1. Dogs

    Dogs are said to be man friendliest animals and dogs are able to work their way around kids very easily. Not only are dogs a child’s first pet, but they are also the highest maintenance pet, that’s not to say you can’t own one, once you become used to the idea of having a pet, it is really worth it. There are also few points you should note if you want to minimize the high maintenance, it is best to know if your family is really ready to adopt a pet, the amount of exercise you can provide, space where they will live, then the dog breed and temperament.

    2. Cats

    Cats are another amazing house pets the kids will love, they are friendly, cuddly, and fluffy making them the perfect pets for children. Cats do not require high maintenance like dogs, but they require some really good affection. You should mostly keep cats indoors or install a cat flap so it’s easier for them to move around. It is also recommended to microchip your cat and get them vaccinated. Another thing is to make sure the cat is familiar with your house before they become free to roam especially if you moved home, you will also need good cat food.

    3. Rabbits

    Rabbits are another good first-time pet for kids because of their socializing nature and playfulness. Most families introduce rabbits as the first pet because of the inquisitiveness and intelligence, they require daily activities like exercising, feeding, grooming, playing and cleaning. Most people keep rabbits as pairs so you don’t spend much time engaging them. Both indoors and outdoors rabbits do require socializing and kids really love rabbits. More research should also be done when it comes to rabbit breeds.

    4. Guinea Pigs

    Guinea pigs are a good breed for kids for different reasons, one of the few reasons is they are quite playful, sociable, low maintance, and can easily reproduce. Keeping the pet in pairs is a good idea due to their playful nature, also if you want to avoid reproduction you must nuetered the male. Guinea pigs live up to 8 years which enough time for the kids to enjoy, and to be certain of this you need good research on guinea pig breeds.

    5. Lizards

    The most important thing about having pet lizards is meeting their needs which includes providing their environment with the right amount of light and heat, this needs to be set to right adjustments, also providing them with live insects for food. If you can meet these needs, lizards are good pets for kids especially the leopard gecko, bearded dragons, iguanas, and chameleons, but the leopard gecko does not require UV lighting. One thing to remember before getting lizards as a pet is to know the types of pet lizards breeds out there as they do have varying behaviors and needs.

    6. Hamsters

    Hamsters are a very delicate and nocturnal animal, they require really gentle handling, this makes them one of the most common pet for children. They do require loads of nesting and bedding, food, and water, and some hamster breed prefers to stay alone while other hamster breeds can be very sociable. The best way to buy a hamster is through a licensed supplier, this is the only way to determine what exactly you’re getting.

    7. Fish

    Fish are the top great pets for children especially the barb fish, zebrafish, and angelfish, while the goldfish are also good but they require huge maintenance because of the amount of waste they produce which requires regular cleaning. To get started all you need is just a 20-gallon fish tank which you can easily expand with time, and once the kids start to nurture them, it will quickly become an everyday habit for them and really satisfying. You can easily find easy to maintain fish pet and those that are really complicated to maintain by researching the different types of pet fish breed.

    8. Rats

    Rats have low maintenance and also very rewarding. Rats are good pets for kids because they are sociable, intelligent, and are well kept. Due to their sociable nature, keeping the pairs is ideal, you will also provide enrichments for them and keeping a steady watch on their health. There are different rat breeds for a pet, it is worth doing your research to know what breed will fit your home.

    9. Birds

    Birds can be a rewarding pet for kids because of their beautiful nature but require good research before buying one. There are different breeds of birds out there, those that can grow too big and having to put in too much work and those that can be very loud. Pet birds can live for a very long time like the macaw, but other birds you can go for are canaries, budgies, and small breed parrots. Buying a pet bird for kids requires a lot of research on your side and get to know these bird breeds before introducing them to your family.

    10. Tortoise.

    Another low maintenance pet for kids is tortoise because of their cuteness and sociability. They are different breeds of tortoise out there but one thing to keep in mind is diet and environment. Tortoise need large amounts and varieties of food, they require large space like an outdoor pen, and indoors during cold and during hibernation. Tortoise is a great pet for kids but requires little attention to detail and good research especially of different types of tortoise breeds and their maintenance.

    Now that we have answered the questions on “what is a good first pet for a child?” our selected pets are low maintenance pets for kids, very sociable with some having a long life span. The best take away for these best first pets for kids is doing your own research on each of the animals to determine best way to take care of them.