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What Is A Good Starter Pets For 10 Year Olds?

    What Is A Good Starter Pets For 10 Year Olds?

    There is a satisfying feeling of having to care for a pet in both adults and children, the experience can be life-changing. One of the best feelings and experiences as a kid was having a pet dog, you will learn and have a complete feel of responsibility and empathy knowing fully well that the animal’s survival and good health is in your hands. Until you own an animal pet you will realize that they are also smart and understand what is going on around them and they can reciprocate the love they receive. You should be aware of most things to consider before getting a pet for kids because everyone in the family will be involved. 

    You will find some of the best pets for kids out there just with a little research, but this is not enough when it comes to choosing a good starter pet for 10-year-olds. It requires idea sharing, engagement with the kids and all in the family when it comes to decision making, planning, and choosing a pet. This is why we always suggest speaking to a veterinarian for the whole process. Choosing the best pets for 10-year-olds is not one-way traffic, it is for all, there are certain animals you as a parent wouldn’t tolerate in the house and it should not be allowed in, it should be something everyone loves, and the kids must have 100% participation in your choice of pet. 

    Below are some of the best good starter pets for 10-year-olds. 

    1. Parakeet

    A parakeet is our top option for 10-year-olds kid pet even though kids as young as 4 can play with the parakeet. Parakeet is a clean and low maintenance bird, small in size, and is very affectionate. Parakeet can easily learn words if trained to, this makes them for a 10-year-old, the bird does respond well if they are mistreated or roughly handled. The parakeet needs cleanliness, like cleaning of the cages, washing of food and water dish, and feeding. 

    2. Crested Gecko

    Crested gecko can be a supplement if you want lizard, they are really fun, cool, soft, and are a nocturnal animal which means its most active at night. Most 10 year old and even younger kids love the crested gecko because of its gentle nature. At a younger age, a crested gecko takes time to adapt to the environment, at this stage they not to be disturbed much until they adapt, and because of their nature, they need gentle hands, training the kids on how to handle a crested gecko would be best. They also tend to drop their tail once startled, also every time the children touch a crested gecko, they must wash their hands against the common bacteria found on retiles which is salmonella bacteria. 

    3. Rats

    Rats are fast becoming the favorite pet for most households, and the top best pets for kids between 7 to 13 years old. One of the reasons for this is that rats can easily bond with kids, they are also loving, gentle, and tough making them a great pet for kids. One important benefit of a pet rat is scheduling, this helps kids build their timekeeping and also learn to schedule tasks due to the feeding time for rats. Pet rats like to be in pairs, you may want to consider having two in the rat cage, they are affectionate pets, sociable, excited, and cuddly. Feeding (rat pellets and veggies), caring for the rat pet, cleaning dishes, and cage are part of the activities the kids can constantly engage with pet rats. 

    4. Canaries and finches

    Even though canaries and finches are flock birds meaning they like been in a group, they also make a great animal pet for kids, and because they are not the type that needs to be handled quite often. 

    One common difference between canaries and finches is that finches are quieter than canaries, canaries sing beautiful songs, finches are fun to watch, and very active birds. If you have a kid who likes to watch, then canaries and finches are the ideal birds, canaries can perch on the fingers but must be with care because they are fragile, finches don’t like to be handled, and together they have a life span of 12 to 15 years. 

    5. Guinea Pigs

    Guinea pigs are low maintenance animals, calm, sociable, adorable, and very popular making them one of the top good starter pets for 10 year olds. When guinea pigs familiarise themselves with you, they become pretty excited when they see you around, they also like to be around humans. Another reason why you should do your research is that there different guinea pig breeds, and all with different characteristics. Kids can participate in cleaning the guinea pig cages and feeding them, if you have a long-haired guinea pig then kids will enjoy brushing their hair. Guinea pigs like the companion of other guinea pigs, you may also want to think about it because this will require you to get more cages and more mouths to feed, and they can live up to 7 years. 

    6. Rabbits

    Rabbits are some of the best pets for kids between the ages of 10 – 15 years, this because rabbits are very fun pets, loving, low maintenance, sociable, playful, and can easily bond with humans, and should be handled with care. The downside for this beautiful pet is that they are fragile and can easily be startled, they can jump which can cause injury, and they can bite, Oh yes”, they do, and that’s why kids should handle with care. 

    Some of the activities kids can get themselves involve with include picking and feeding vegetables for the rabbits, cleaning the litter box, providing fresh hay, and cleaning up the rabbit cage. Rabbits can live up to 12 years, that’s enough time for the kids to enjoy their pet.

    7. Dogs

    Dogs are very friendly and also very good with kids making them another best pet for kids. Dogs are high maintenance animals, but once you bond with them they are worth every pen, no wonder many households have pet dogs. Dogs need regular exercises like walking and playing, and you will need good space in the house for them. They do require vet visits from time to time, and they are friendly. Kids can participate in bedding changing and washing, feeding, taking out for a walk, and brushing. Dogs can live up to 20 years.

    8. Cats

    Cats are cuddly, fluffy, and friendly making them an amazing choice of pet for 10 year olds. They are not as high maintenance as dogs, but they require a great deal of attention. Cats should have a microchip, kept indoors, or install a cat flap so it is easy for them to move around. They need to be familiar with your house before they become free to roam. 

    9. Bearded dragon

    Bearded dragons are famous around the world especially for older kids and it is one of the reptiles that don’t mind human interaction. They are active pets and will be fine for active kids. They like socializing, kids can benefit from that and also help cleaning and to feed the bearded dragon. They do require some special attention like having UV lighting and temperature control housing and feeding live insects. They are not a low maintenance pet due to the type of housing they require and the UV lightening, also, they live up to 8 years. 

    10. Corn snakes

    Corn snakes can be very gentle and easy to handle and a good pet snake for a starter pet, they can grow up to 5 feet, very gentle, and don’t mind being handled. They are low maintenance animals but do require to be fed rodents as food. Corn snakes can live up to 10 years.